Niki Saint is thedreamer

Niki Saint is a talented mixed media artist, who is also the star behind thesuperloop's visual identity, look and feel.


Niki Saint’s story has one underlying message: see opportunity everywhere. Niki is a mixed media artist, focusing on collage, animation, thoughtful brand development and digital experiences.

She spent 8 years as an Art Director for a fashion company - working on everything from branding, social media, window installation, merchandising and store design, to buying and marketing. After seeing signs that it wasn't her right path, Niki quit her job and began working for herself - the hardest, most authentic decision she ever made.

What does community and collaboration mean to you? What role does it play in your practice?

Community is everything. Leaning into creativity and empathy has opened my heart, my connections, and collaborations to levels I didn't know were possible. I am so grateful for the creative community, especially in Toronto, and the support we have for each other. 

The humans I've had the honour of collaborating with challenge me. My technical skills. My way of thinking. They push me into the uncomfortable. I thrive on solving problems and working without boundaries (or sometimes, within them) - it's so beautiful to explore ideas, concepts and create unique one-of-a-kind pieces for clients. Collaboration means growth to me.

 There have been a few topics that have been bubbling up lately within my community. One of them is sharing information openly. You know, those taboo subjects that are not typically discussed, like how to invoice, should you charge a deposit? If so, how much? How much do you charge for this service? etc. Having a safe, open place to talk about these things, and really, truly, help each other out has been integral to unlocking my creative growth and process. I am a firm believer that we need to raise each other up. Another conversation I've been having lately is around letting go. To deeply understand that if something is meant for you, it will find you no matter what. This goes hand in hand with learning to say no to projects that are not aligned. (and YES, it's very difficult to do - I still struggle with this).

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to the “you” that’s just starting out?

You are worthy of everything you've ever dreamed of. Stop holding yourself back. Everything you imagined for yourself will be your reality. Keep pushing. Keep failing. Keep reaching out. Every time you fall down, ask what lesson you're learning. Write it down. Go deep. Now share that with someone in your community. Remember, we only rise up when we raise each other up.

Tell me about a failure you’ve experienced—how did you get through it, and how did it help get you to where you are now?

Absolutely. I truly believe failure is one of the most important lessons. I was ready to leave my corporate job as Art Director for a fashion company, but I wasn't ready to believe in myself.  So, I decided my next logical step was to apply for an agency position. I'd keep having wonderful interviews. Each time, I'd get to the final interview round and not get the position. The reason was always the same, "you don't have agency experience.” I felt like such a failure. I had years of experience for what seemed like, at the time, nothing.

I finally left that corporate job for a graphic design-specific role to get experience with another company. The process was so interesting. In the final interview with the C suite, they asked, "Why haven't you gone freelance?" and that was all the support I needed. I had spent years thinking I wasn't ready yet; meanwhile, this new company who wanted me to work for them saw that I was, in fact, talented enough to do this on my own.

It finally clicked. The reason why I wasn't getting those agency positions was that it wasn't my path. It wasn't aligned. The universe was literally sending me signs to trust myself and start my own business. I left that position within a month and started my own business a month later. I still am so grateful for that moment.

What is the biggest risk you’ve taken? Did it pay off?

Quitting my job. It was the most authentic decision I have ever made. I now work with humans and brands that inspire me, challenge me, support me and push me to my creative bests each day. I am so grateful for my community, who supported me during this time, and the brands that hired me when I was first starting out. They will always have a soft spot in my heart.

How do you get yourself in “the zone” to work?

Being kind to myself (and I still need to remind myself to practice it). Sometimes this means meditating for 10 minutes on the project and seeing what comes to me. Going for a walk around the block. Making a coffee. Putting on some music or a podcast. Lighting a candle and spraying a mood mist. BREATHING. Writing down whatever comes to me. Leaning into INSPIRATION WHEN IT COMES! Even if it isn’t the “right” time.

“thesuperloop identity is something so close to my heart.”

Tell me about one unexpected place where you draw inspiration?

My dreams.

The creative process is definitely not a linear one. Could you walk us through your process, especially the one you took when creating thesuperloop identity? 

From the initial project brief to the way I received the opportunity, thesuperloop identity is something so close to my heart. Within hours of letting a no longer aligned job go, I heard from thesuperloop team asking if I would be interested in this project. As soon as I read the brief, I knew I had to be involved.

My process always begins with defining the brand pillars. From there, we are able to narrow down which imagery speaks to the brand, and I will create a mood board. It helps visualize where we want to go and nail down colour stories. Once we decide on the look and feel of the brand, we are able to move into logo and visual language.

For thesuperloop specifically, the brand pillars and visual language came to us organically and with ease. The logo is inspired by the infinity symbol, representing the infinite loop of information. We wanted the identity to have a retro feel but still modern, which speaks to the typeface of thesuperloop logo contrasted with the logo mark of the interconnecting loops. Throughout the identity, we use loops, circles and collage elements to tie together the idea of sharing, juxtaposition and contrast. The use of bright colours and circles throughout the identity mimics the infinite loop of information in a fun, easy, digestible way.

Your work speaks for itself, but how important do you think it is to highlight your own story when building your personal brand? 

This is the biggest struggle for me personally. I find it very difficult to talk about myself and my own story. Through the last 2 years, I've started to open up a bit more about the steps I took and moving into the industry, which has been anything but linear. It always seems too vulnerable to share - but I am trying to be more open with my story. Ironically, highlighting a brand story is one of the first things I tell my clients to focus on. We always are looking for unique ways to share their story to build their brands. So, YES! It's incredibly important. Scary but important.

“Community is everything. Leaning into creativity and empathy has opened my heart, my connections, and collaborations to levels I didn't know were possible.”

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